About DCC Maps

Dublin City Community Maps is a Dublin City Council project to map facilities relevant to communities in the city. A large proportion of the facilities contained within the database are owned and operated by the City Council. We have endeavoured to ensure that all data featured is timely and accurate, but if there are any inaccuracies we will endeavour to fix them when notified.

Free Form Search

Free form search with auto-suggestions as you type. This should lead you to what you are looking for faster.

Category Listing

A list of categories to assist your search. This will allow you to browse all facilities quickly.

Birds Eye View

If you click the 'Birds Eye View' link on a facility you'll be shown a photo taken by a helicopter for Microsoft's Bing Maps of Dublin. We feel it's an excellent addition as it allows you to orientate yourself to exactly where the building/facility is.

Advanced Search

We've included an advanced search in the site so that you can do custom searches of the data by multiple categories and areas. You can draw polygons or circles on the map which will limit the results shown to those areas.


Some of our categories are quite big so when you click 'Show All Results', we show all of the points on the map but cluster them by area. The individual facilities are shown when you zoom down by clicking on the clusters.

Get Directions and Printing

By using Google Maps we can plot a journey for you from any place to the facility you are viewing. You can then print those directions to take with you. It's also possible to print the full details of the facility if you need them.

We hope to add Google Street View when it becomes available and if you have any questions or queries please Contact Us.the dublin.ie team

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